Perform 2 simple steps to start playing:

1. Download and install our software.

Click here to download our app. Start the installation by running the downloaded file.

Do You have a problem finding it? See where to look for it in Your browser:

Chrome installer

Google Chrome
At the bottom of window

Internet Explorer installer

Internet Explorer
At the bottom of window

Firefox installer

Mozilla Firefox
In the toolbar

If there is a security notice, please choose "Run" and follow the instructions to finish the installation.

2. Register a free acount.

After launching our app, please choose "Register" on the log in screen.


Please create a nick, choose a password and then type it in again. Accept the Terms & Conditions and confirm by pressing the "Register" button. You can also press the "Facebook" button to register using your Facebook account.
After logging in You can start playing.

In case of trouble while running the application, please check if Your computer meets our minimum system requirements:

1. Operating system: Windows XP or newer.
(Attention: For Windows XP it is required to install Service Pack 3 and newest drivers.)
2. Memory: 2 GB of RAM.
3. Hard drive: 300 MB of space.
4. Graphics card: compatible with OpenGL 2.0 or better.
5. Dual-core CPU.
6. Sound card compatible with Windows.

In case of any problems while installing our application, please contact our Support.