If you are a new Player, please verify your account
and collect a one-time start Bonus.
Exploring our games, feel the unique atmosphere
on chats of our club games.

If you run out of virtual dollars, you may:
take a free Gift
buy more in our Bank
or collect them from bonuses and rewards:



Bonuses on games

Bonuses are awarded several times a day on randomly selected games for Players participating in the game.

Daily VIP bonuses

For Players with at least VIP Crystal status, bonuses are granted at midnight (0:00 CET/CEST) or after the first login to the Lobby.

Bonus for a VIP status

When you achieve a higher VIP status, you will get a great reward. The bonus is awarded right after achieving the status.

Anniversary bonuses

These are unique and progressive bonuses for active Players, given out every year on the account registration anniversary.

Premium sales

In our Bank, the more $ you buy at a time, the bigger bonus you get additionally.

Premium Spin

Collect VIP points and get the daily reward! Options in packs: premium start and a higher % of the Jackpot.


Actively participate in games and open crates with rewards! Options in packs: better crate colours with extra pots.

Crazy Mission

Get bonuses + rewards and receive $ + ♠ everyday!
Options in packs: extra points to complete the mission.


Earn points in the league and get high rewards in cups! Options in packs: multiplier of league points.

Legendary Spin

Receive loyalty rewards and get the highest reward! Options in packs: additional tickets increasing your chance.

In order to explain our Club Rewards and Bonuses Program,
we present a simplified table in time frames below:

Name of
a Bonus / Reward
Bonus / Reward Related to
$ VIP pts Other
24h a day
Rank Reward Available   ♠, league multiplier,
LS tickets, points for
the Crazy Mission,
PS draws, extra
crates in the Rank,
bonuses for the next
purchase in the Bank
Legendary Spin
Premium Spin
Crazy Mission
VIP Shop
Bonus from a premium code Available   VIP Shop
VIP bonus for achieving the status Available     Daily League
Bonus for the purchase of $ Available   ♠, league points
+ league multiplier
Club VIP
Premium Spin
Crazy Mission
Daily League
Legendary Spin
Premium Spin Reward Available     Legendary Spin
Crazy Mission Reward Available   ♠, league multiplier Daily League
Legendary Spin
Daily League Reward Available   cup points Crazy Mission
Legendary Spin
Daily VIP bonus Available     Daily League
Bonus on games Available     Crazy Mission
Daily League
Legendary Spin Reward Available   VIP Legend status
Cup Reward   Available trophies Club VIP and VIP statuses
Premium Spin
Supercup Reward Available     Board (trophy)
Anniversary bonus Available     Daily League
Supercup Reward   Available   Club VIP and VIP statuses
Premium Spin