The Privacy Policy of the Service


1.1. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") applies to data collected via the Service.

1.2. The terms utilized in this Privacy Policy typed in uppercase have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms & Conditions ("Terms & Conditions").


2.1. The administrator of the Users personal data is The Organiser. The Organiser can entrust with the processing of the personal data to another entity, in accordance with the law.

2.2. Each User may at any time require the Organizer to supplement, change or delete data. Submission of request to remove data is equivalent to the demanding for the closure of account of such a User, in accordance with paragraph 3.11 of Terms & Conditions. The Organiser may further process personal data of such a User only to the extent permitted by applicable law.

2.3. Any personal information the Organizer posesses shall be kept confidential. The Organiser provides such information to third parties (including the relevant authorities bodies) with the consent of the User, whose data are concerned or in case and to the extent the The Organiser is obliged to share data with other persons in accordance with the law.

2.4. The Organizer ensures the security of the Users personal data by applying appropriate measures (including technical) to prevent unauthorised processing, destroying, or damaging of the data

22.5. The Organiser may publish on the Website the results of the competition in each game, using the nickname (nick) set by the User, in accordance with paragraph 3.6 of Terms & Conditions.

2.6. Please send all questions related to processing personal data and Privacy Policy to this e-mail address:


3.1. The Organiser uses the so-called "cookies" ("Cookie") written on the terminal device (e.g. a computer), which is used by the User. Cookies are small files form primarily of a text. With files using the Cookie, The Organiser collects statistical data of the Service (including, for example, anonymised information on the method and frequency of using the Service), which allows, among others, development of the functionality of the Service in accordance with the preferences of the Users. Cookies also allow to maintain User sessions, making it possible to avoid having to log in again when using the individual sections of the Website.

3.2. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable data and your identity.

3.3. Cookies do not affect the operation of the terminal device used by the User. The use of Cookies by the Organizer does not change the settings of such a device or software used in it.

3.4. As a rule, the Organizer uses two types of cookies: "session" (session cookies - temporary files, which are stored in the terminal equipment of a User until log out time, leaving the Website or closing the browser) and "fixed" (persistent cookies- files permanently retained for the period indicated in their parameters or until their removal by the User of the terminal).

3.5. Restrictions on the use of Cookies (eg. by changing the terminal device settings used by the User) can significantly reduce some of the functionality of the Service.


4.1. Regardless of the data referred to in paragraph 2.2 The Organiser may collect data which is not personal, such as chat records conducted on the Service, the number of IP devices from which the User logs in, a unique number of such a device, the data of the website from which the User came to the Service site and other similar data the posession of which is related to ensuring proper operation of the Service or the development of its functionality.

4.2. The Organiser may, in order to improve the quality of services and functionality of the Service, use Users data which are of anonymous nature, such as gender, age, place of residence, performance in games and so on. Such data will be collected in a way that prevents the identification of the User.