Exchange ♠ for additional options and gifts

Options for you

VIP points

These are additional VIP points with which can upgrade your VIP status. VIP points are also added to the total points earned at Premium Spin on a given day.

Higher rates

With this option, you can play at higher rates without having a high VIP status. The option is available for stakes from 300k and selected time from 1h to 3d.

VIP+ rates

This option allows you to earn 10x more VIP points when you play. More details can be found on the page of Club VIP. The option is available for a selected time from 1h to 30d.

Higher VIP Status

In this option you can exchange ♠ for a higher VIP status and enjoy all the privileges of the selected type. You can choose statuses from VIP Prestige for a duration of 1h to 3d.

Gifts for friends

Legendary Spin

ticket for LS


stone crate

Premium Spin

5% PS draw

Crazy Mission

point for mission


multiplier draw

You can also select the friend you want to send a gift to from their Board or in-game by using the menu when you click on their nickname in the Player list.

You may send a gift to one friend once every 24 hours. The friend will be notified about your gift in the club mail.

The list of recent gifts is divided into gifts received and gifts sent.

On the list of gifts received, click on the icon to select a friend and respond with any gift. You can send a gift to one friend once every 24 hours.

If sending is unavailable, a time is displayed after which the gift can be sent again. Entries on the received list are deleted automatically, after the gift is replied to, or after 30 days.

The sent list displays the number of gifts you have sent to the selected friend.

Gifts for chat

By using this option, you can give one ♠ to six Players.

Gifts to Players can only be sent for games from the Slot Machines and Video Poker categories.

Your gift will be collected by the first 6 Players who click the link in the chat room no. 1 of the selected game. The link will appear in the game chat when you send the gift.

The list of Players who collected your gift will be displayed for 30 days.

How to get ♠

There are 6 ways to earn ♠ in our service:

  • Bank purchases
  • completing the Crazy Mission
  • Premium Codes
  • collecting Gifts on games
  • receiving Bonuses from the service
  • drawing them from crates in the Rank