$ + ♠ + league multiplier

Allocation time

daily - granted automatically at 9 PM CET/CEST
(League multiplier draw is awarded upon completing the mission)

Granted for

gathering points from criterias, big rewards, gifts and crates


private - other Players do not know the amount of your reward from the mission


- the main reward for completing the mission: ♠2 + 200.000$
- additional reward: 50% of $ purchased in the last day
- additional reward: League multiplier draw

- current data is presented in the following tabs:
BANK / SUMMARY, REWARDS / CRAZY MISSION and on the top bars of all games


- points are awarded for completing 3 permanent criteria:

Bonuses on games
1 - 6
Daily league
Pack purchase
5 - 9

and from big rewards (Big Win / Jackpot) on various games in the service, gifts from your friends and also from crates in the Rank

- the game on which big rewards will give points on a given day, is presented every day at 9 PM CET/CEST in the Crazy Mission tab

- in order to complete the mission you need to earn a min. of 10 points on the active day (9 PM - 8:59 PM CET/CEST)

- upon completing the Crazy Mission, you have 5 minutes to play the league multiplier draw (information about the draw will appear in the Lobby)