Allocation time

weekly - a draw every Sunday at 8 p.m.

Granted for

tickets earned (min. 1 ticket)


private - only for a given Player
(information about rewards is presented on the chats of all games and in the rankings)


- current data is presented in the following tabs:
BANK / SUMMARY and REWARDS / LEGENDARY SPIN and on top bars of all games

- to start the game, click on the banner in the lobby that will appear when you activate the game

- the amount of the prize is presented at the end of the game


- tickets can be earned in 4 ways: by completing 4 criteria; by spending time on games; by purchasing packs; through a gift from your friend

- a game may be drawn for 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500% of the Legendary Jackpot
in a game for 100% the prizes range from 100.000.000$ to$
respectively in a game for 500%, the prizes range from 500.000.000$ to$

- only Players who are online in at least 1 public room of any game are drawn, if they have at least 1 ticket and have their avatar set up

- a drawn Player has 5 minutes to play the game; after 5 minutes the game is lost

- if the drawn Player does not play the game, another Player is drawn

- once a week there are 5 games played, which are presented in the rankings

- during the week additional (unranked) games may be granted

- playing the ranked game deletes all tickets collected to date and 1,000 new promotional tickets are awarded

- the tickets are not lost - these are accumulated until a ranked game is played