Supercup is a promotion consisting of 3 rankings:
- daily - Daily League
- monthly - Monthly Cup
- annual - Annual Supercup


Daily League: daily: $ + points to the Cup

Monthly Cup: monthly: VIP points + trophy to the Supercup

Annual Supercup: monthly: $ + annually: VIP points

Allocation time

daily from the League: assigned automatically at 9 p.m.

monthly from the Cup and Supercup: allocated automatically at 9 p.m. on the last day of each month

annually from the Supercup: allocated automatically at 9 p.m. on 31 December

Granted for

Daily League: scoring points from different criteria

Monthly Cup: earning cup points in the Daily League

Annual Supercup: winning trophie in the Monthly Cup


public - the amount of prizes is presented in the ranking tables but nicknames can be hidden (privacy settings)


- the amount of rewards is presented in the PLAYERS / RANKINGS tab

- current data is presented in the following tabs: BANK / SUMMARY, AWARDS / SUPERCUP, on the top bars of all games and (optionally) in the form of an icon on your Board


- to take a high place in the league, the key element is the league multiplier, which can be drawn when you complete the Crazy Mission, make a purchase in the bank or get it as a gift from your friend

- the rewards are allocated to the 100 Players who have earned the most points in the Daily League and to all Players who have earned min. 1 cup point and min. 1 trophy

- detailed information can be found in the tab - REWARDS / SUPERCUP / League and Cups info